Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Anointing

"Who Are The Ones Carrying The New Anointing?"
“One who has been forgiven much, loves much, and walks in a new dimension of faith, hope and love. Because they walk, live and dwell so close to My heart they are able to impart that to others. They have laid down weapons of carnal warfare and traded them in for a revelation of extreme love and have a readiness to help those in trouble, not a sacrificial victim. They will be the forerunners of a love revolution I am sending to wash the earth like a flood as in the days of Noah; a flood not to destroy but to heal the land…”
"And they will know My love in the days to come. Each one, personally – shockingly – stunned beyond reason, stupefied and abandoned to all but Me. Their humility is the conduit of power. They are not afraid to share their testimony because they are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for they know it is the power of God unto salvation. They are leaders taking lands, tribes and nations. They are filled with a holy boldness born of being one who is My favored one, My beloved, called by My name, born to inherit nations, born specifically in this hour of history, for this hour…”
Julia Loren, Prophetess
Pastor Prophet Taylor, as he walks in obedience, love, humility, faithfulness and compassion—everywhere around him, the Holy Spirit breaks out in the supernatural. And because he is God’s Beloved who rests between His shoulders, Pastor has been promoted to yet a higher level!

Made in the Image of God: Satan is mad at Pastor Taylor who has a readiness to help: bought the best battery for Mark/Denise, paid electricity and put food on people’s tables, paid rent; gave away a car to JR and others; and even gave Marie seed money for her car after she wrecked his car. Satan in return got so mad that he broke Pastor’s bed, fan and car all in one week. But Pastor kept on believing God that all is well—and it is!Miracle: almost died twice (stroke and boat incident in Corpus) supernatural recovery—best health he has ever been in his life! God made sure Pastor got paid for his obedient service: God made Social Security pay him and 3 years later, to bypass the doctor’s checkup to continue his checks for another 3+ years. God waived all child support to come directly from Pastor and God Himself, provided the child support in greater proportion for the kids.

Favor: God kept Pastor Taylor in his same home for 8yrs. God intervened when rent increase went from $120 to only $25; God instructed him to buy tire insurance and he didn’t have to pay for his expensive damaged tire. God paid for the Benz that he believed (about 7 yrs ago) God would give him; Benz repairs, God told him that He gave him a car and He would take care of the maintenance; He showed him where to fix it and save $2000+; Psalm 112. His children will blessed in the land (Alexis—amazing successful life--class President; Sherman following his dream—making a music CD)

Prophecy: Spoken Word in 2005: “By Invitation only” I am making an announcement…Pentecost Power—TODAY --all in one accord (Many are called, few are chosen…) Alex and Melissa’s babies came from the declaration of the Prophet’s mouth and too many that we all know about.
Look at what is happening to Pastor Taylor. God is in Pastor’s land--it always happens to the leaders first. Now more than ever we need to stay connected and believe the voice of God to shift over into our land, and we too will have the supernatural.

92 days of prayer so far has brought on an explosion of God that is opening doors for us to receive our heart’s desires and for things to change in our lives. “Pastor Taylor, if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best of the land” He is praying for us, not for himself, he is ministering faithfully to the Lord, and is performing his service. The prayers of a righteous man are powerful and effective. He started 7/5 to 10/5. Tonight, communion night is a 3 month marker.

Pastor’s declaration on 7/6 Personal, family finance,…

JULY –STEP INTO A NEW DIMENSIONFaith alone is not enough! We are in a Spiritual shift, different atmosphere, and different dimension. Pastor washed in the Word, no longer chained by the wrists, as he washes us in the Word. The outpouring of God’s Spirit is around us. He stepped into a new dimension—every place he steps into, God goes with him and he possesses the land. We have to learn to live in the presence of God to be in the supernatural dimension. We must declare and decree our futures in this new dimension (people will be in awe and tremble at our abundant prosperity). The devil is mad at Pastor Taylor and he will try to pull people away from him (2 months later, who left?) July 18th Day 11: Our Father in Heaven was revealed to us. Pastor Taylor, enlarge your tent pegs, go farther and deeper—the day for building is NOW. “Whoever carries My Name carries My Kingdom!” God Himself, through Jesus speaks directly to us. You find My Name, you will find My Throne. Heaven is my throne and Pastor, a wholehearted worshipper of God, is a king sitting on a throne--next to God and Jesus and other kings with the 24 elders going around them—as he spreads his tent over us with the King’s anointing, power and authority

AUGUST –THE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOR “2010--This is the year of the Lord’s favor”. Pastor Taylor is a king in The Place, a new dimension. He is beginning to see, hear and respond differently. Nothing has a hold on him. Pastor Taylor is made in the image of God. He carries God in him. Free at Last! The Blessing (the favor of God on your life) is on Pastor, who is a brilliant light shining and he is cleaning us up to present us as a radiant church to God w/o spot or blemish. The new has come. Our job is to stay plugged into Pastor and remain in the anointing. If you make Jesus your Messiah, He will place so many things in front of you, (for example: Mark-an incredible restaurant opportunity; Sam-free cars; JR-new business!) Come to the Sanctuary “that your hands established-- the place you made for your dwelling”. “I will make Israel holy!” He brought the walls of Jericho down in Kyle, Texas and freed our families! He is The Repairer of broken walls; and The Restorer of streets. Find out where the Repairer lives and spend time with him. We at SOTM are hills raised by this mountain. God used Pastor Taylor to release storms into people’s lives in Corpus Christi. When you are in distress, return to the Lord and seek Him with all your heart and soul and obey Him! Don’t be unfaithful or stiff necked. We got a special Word form God: “Good Morning My Children!” Learn to not only praise God, but extol and exhort Him.

SEPTEMBER—PROMOTIONS: POSSESS THE LAND!We need to increase our FAITH! NOW—Faith being sure of what you hope for and certain of what you don’t see. Be bold and stay strong in the faith. With the storms released in August—you are urged to go into your rooms and close the door behind you—and LEAVE SIN OUTSIDE THE DOOR! Now is the time of God’s favor! It is time to feast on the aged wine and best of meats. We have stepped onto the land and inside the gate, how long will you wait to possess the land? We have to break camp and advance FORCEFULLY! The Word of God is flawless. We have a resting anointing in this church within a cloud of Glory. God is pleased with Pastor Taylor and He will cause all His goodness to pass in front of him. “Just go, my Presence will be with you…” Enlarge your territory through Faith in God (Prayer of Jabez) and stretch out your tents you WILL be blessed. Shut out the world (distraction) and focus on what God SAYS. Have faith in God! If you are walking in the greatness of God, you have already won every battle! Remove every cloud of worry and doubt in your lives. The Lord is moving in unimaginable ways—but we HAVE TO BELIEVE AND HAVE FAITH IN GOD. Everything is possible for him who believes. “I know the plans, hope and a future for you… God promoted Pastor Taylor last week and gave him success in everything he does and entrusted all that He owns to him! The great day of Transformation has begun. It’s a new day; the season has changed; every seed planted last season will come into harvest. Get ready to weather the storms—it’s coming! Do not be afraid little flock; use your FAITH to close the doors of storms that are coming to your lives. TRAPS are being set in your lives: DO NOT GET OFFENDED BY WHAT PASTOR TAYLOR SAYS TO YOU. He is led by the spirit to build a house, by digging deep into the issues of life; persevering through all trials; and laying the foundation of the house on THE ROCK.

Pastors lead people to God; Prophets BRING God to the people, and shows God to them in everything around them. God called and chose Pastor Taylor--the prophet; the heavens; an equal; the one who speaks God’s very Word--to draw us closer to Him. WELL, THE HOUSE HAS BEEN BUILT! God betrothed Pastor to Him forever--in righteousness, justice, love, compassion, and faithfulness. In that day (TODAY), God will respond to the skies (Pastor) and Pastor will respond to the earth (us), and we will respond to the grain (The Word), the new wine (Holy Spirit) and the oil (anointing). Pastor is now in an even higher level of this new dimension. Tonight, God chose us as a people holy to the Lord to be His treasured possessions. We have come this far, refined by fire, so we have to do something with the gifts God has given us to activate the promises of Deut 8:18 and 1 Cor 4 that says He has given us the power to create wealth, and already we have all that we need and that we are already rich!
We the members of SOTM are privileged and blessed to be in SOTM connected to The Branch, where God dwells and where we hear God speaking directly to us, giving us instructions for our lives. Even though, we are each in the same land, we can get left behind, if we don’t stay connected and continue to believe the voice of God! However, because we are connected to the King going deeper and deeper into the Kingdom, we are expanding our territory and all of the King’s land will be our inheritance.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Repairer of Broken Walls

The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land (better known as a recession) and will strengthen your frame. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, because a Jesus-like mind has unlimited success for leadership qualities to lead a nation to freedom and to God! Having eyes to see and not having a vision is worse than being blind. When we make Jesus our Messiah, He will give us a vision that is a heartbeat of God. He will open doors that no man can shut so we can put action to our vision and proclaim freedom where by faith the walls of Jericho fall; strongholds broken; spirits released; debts delivered; sickness left; the broken-hearted bind-up; all prisoners released from darkness; people totally set free by the hand of God who restored the broken walls and ruins.

Today salvation has come to this house; the son of man came to seek and to save what is lost. Everyone who suffers has the opportunity to seek God and to get right with God. God will make His thoughts known to you—if you obey Him. Jesus, The Presence of God, said I must come to your house, and by faith, the walls came tumbling down! The Builder/The Repairer/The Restorer is an Anointed servant, who has power to break down walls of bondage and destroy their gates (because of sin) by fire. The Anointed servant bids them “Come, let us rebuild the walls so we will no longer be in disgrace”. He also has the power to repair, rebuild and restore walls of shelter and protection. Building the walls cannot be done without the gracious hand of God upon His servants--the Anointed ones, where The God of Heaven will give them success to be like a well watered gardens. When these walls are built by God, no storm or trouble can knock its foundation and bring them down—because God blessed them! God will make His servant into a threshing sledge new and sharp with many teeth. He will not be afraid or dismayed, for God Himself will strengthen and help him. He will uphold him with His righteous right hand and say to him “”I, Myself will help you” declares The Lord.” The servant will look forward to the city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God and will thresh the mountains and crush them and reduce the hills to chaff. Then The Lord will make rivers flow on barren heights and springs within the valleys; He will turn the desert and all the dry places around you into pools of water.

The Lord has been gracious in giving us a firm place in His Sanctuary. By Faith God sent His servant to proclaim this is the year 2010 of His favor on our lives. Many people will see and know and understand that the hand of The Lord has done this. He has granted us new life to rebuild the house of our God and repair its ruins. He has given us a Wall of Protection in Judah and Jerusalem. The day for building our walls and extending our boundaries has come. In this day (today) David’s fallen tent will be restored; its broken places will be repaired, its ruins will be restored and built as it used to be. New wine will drip from mountains and flow from all the hills (us who are raised up by the mountain). Exiled people of Israel will be brought back and will be planted in their own land, never to be uprooted from the land The Lord gave them. The Lord spoke the promises and declared that they will be fulfilled without delay. Not a single one of these promises will fail!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Return of our God, Living and Active in Our Lives as it is Today. Look at the Evidence!

God Himself has built The Sanctuary which is an eternally consecrated place of refuge and shelter from the storms, trials and tribulations of life. He chose and consecrated this temple so that His Name may be there forever. His eyes and heart will always be there. God established The Sanctuary-- with His own hands-- as the place He made for His dwelling. People of Israel: return to the Lord, that He may return to you who are left, who have escaped from the hand of evil people. Do not be stiff-necked, come to where He dwells, come and be planted on the mountain of His inheritance. He will put His Sanctuary among them forever and His dwelling place will be with them. He will be their God and they will be His people. Submit to the Lord. Return to the Lord and receive His Glory, so that His fierce anger will turn away from you. He will not turn his face from you if you return to Him. God will circumcise our hearts and the hearts of our descendants so that we may love Him with all of our hearts and all of our souls and live. We are holy, when His Sanctuary is among us forever. For the word is living and active, sharper than any double-edged sword. It penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and lay bare before the eyes of The Lord. The Lord will make satan give the captives compassion. We cannot be defeated, if we hear God and we don’t separate from Him—WE WIN! When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will lead and guide us. Only God can control The Man of God—The Sanctuary-- who is led by the spirit; and who tells him what, when and where to say things. Look at the evidence of how the Holy Spirit is popping around us everywhere.
Seek God with all heart and soul, you will find him. Return back to God. He is merciful he will not abandon or destroy, or forget the covenant He made with you. Has anything so great as this ever happened? You were shown these things so that you might know that the Lord is God; besides Him, there is no other. From heaven He made you hear His Voice to disciple you. On earth, His presence and mighty strength brought us out of Egypt and into the place--the land to give us our inheritance. He will restore our fortunes and have compassion on us; He will make us more numerous and prosperous in all the work of our hands and in the fruit of our womb than our forefathers; and He will gather us again from all the nations He scattered us and bring us back to the land where we will take possession of it. So, return to The Lord and obey every command and operate from our spirits and our hearts. We just got paid!!
God is saying return to him. He has returned to us. If you come to God, here is what He will do for you. Where the Man of God has built our walls, it is time for him to go to our families and tear those walls down. God has released the imprisoned children of SOTM family. He walked around the wall seven times and by faith, brought the walls down (gay, sick, diseased, prisoners, non-believers). The Man of God can use The Name for anything to bring down any broken walls.
From “heaven” He made us hear His Voice, …Forever, …Forever and Ever, …Always, … Everlasting, …For all time…, Permanent,… Dwelling place… We are so blessed to have safety and refuge from the storms, trials and tribulations. Surely, The Lord’s sanctuary is among us forever and ever.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nature Itself is Responding to the Anointing of God on My Life

The Man of God who was once regarded as a normal man is now reconciled to God and made a new creation, made clean, remaining in God and received the anointing (The Christ) from God. His former way of life passed away, and he is a new heaven. As heavens (The Anointed Man of God) are higher than the earth (us—SOTM), My ways are higher than your ways, says The Lord. The Anointed Man of God has been betrothed in righteousness, justice, love, compassion and faithfulness to God for eternity. God Himself planted the bride for Himself in the land. The Anointed Man of God who is coming down out of Heaven from God, prepared as a bride—carrying the anointing of God, and beautifully dressed for her husband. He is endowed with splendor and brilliance. The wedding of the lamb has come and his bride has made herself ready. All creation has received a mighty call from God: everything—any creation of God-- has to obey God when the anointing is in its vicinity, everything around The Anointed Man of God is submitting itself to him. The trees of the field clap their hands for The Anointed Man of God who doesn’t need anyone to teach him—because the anointing teaches him. This anointing is so strong today and it is REAL, it is not counterfeit. Even the internet is responding to this Anointed Man of God who is ready right now preaching with the power of the Anointing of God. All creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. Everything is responding to the anointing. These words are trustworthy and true. It is done! The Anointed Man of God is dressed and is ready! God is shifting thing right into position when the Anointing is around.
The Anointed Man of God having received this very real, powerful faith anointing himself, that wherever he places his feet, he has the power to change the environment, the surroundings and the atmosphere. Everything shifts where The Anointed Man of God places his feet. We were chosen to be reconciled with God and predestined for such a time as this. Nature (the environment, us—SOTM) is responding to the Anointing of God in the Man of God. Nature doesn’t see the “man” but sees the spirit of God in him. Each land has an Anointed Man of God. Our job as members of SOTM is to stay plugged into the anointing, which will lead and guide us through life. God set up some vines (The Anointed Man of God) for us to be grafted into. We know for certain, that while we go through some bad things, we will come out with great possessions. Every bad situation connected to the anointing will bring good things. Our release literally comes from obeying God. When we stay connected with The Anointed Man of God, (heaven, where our inheritance--that can never perish or fade-- is kept through faith and is shielded by God’s power), we get to be in the same land and get the same benefits as he gets. We are supposed to be shifting in the power of God and the possessions He has given us. To Him who is able to do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power (God’s splendor and anointing) that is at work within us—To Him be the glory! The Anointed Man of God is ready and is dressed for her bridegroom. The wedding of the lamb has come. Blessed are those (US- SOTM!) who are invited to the wedding supper of the lamb. Praise the Lord in his sanctuary, in his mighty heavens, his acts of power, the sounding of trumpet, his surpassing greatness. This is the generation where all things are shifting into the Blessing of God. Let everything that has breath praise the lord. Praise His holy name forever through all generations for ever and ever, Amen.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is there Strucure and Order in Your House?

Do you have structure in your house? We sit under a builder who works under a Master Builder. We have to pay attention to the instructions and listen to the sayings of the wise Man of God, who is taught by God, to teach, counsel, give us knowledge and to give sound answers—give an account to God as to what he did with His teachings. As we listen to the instructions and teachings, we will find that we will have order in our house and we can have the power that the Man of God carries—because his house has structure, is right, and is in order. For this God gave authority to the highest heavens, this Man of God who has his house in order.

So how do we get this structure? We must remain in God, trusting in the Lord who is our shield, our help and our great reward. We, the House of Israel, are like the vineyard of God’s loved one--The Man of God. Because he teaches and guides us—like vines we are growing as we connect to the root--he hooked us up with God-- and because we pay attention and follow his instructions—we are connected and produce good abundant fruit—we have become of the choicest vines planted on a fertile hillside. God sings for the Man of God who has paid attention and followed all of God’s instructions. The Man of God is also like a watchtower-built by God who tends his vineyard and when he finds bad fruit—those who claim to be planted, but are not really planted—God pulls out by destroying it and taking away its hedge and breaking down its walls, where it will be trampled.

On the other hand, the day for building walls is here—we are on fertile ground. In this day, the people who were tied up by satan that allowed the Man of God to shepherd them, and guide them with his staff will be blessed by the Lord. We will be God’s people, God will be our shield, our rock and our great reward as we walk in the atmosphere of wonders and awe at the manifestations of God’s power. The reward started with Abram, with whom God made a covenant that his offspring (which will number as many as the stars) will inherit the reward—someone who came from Abram’s own body—(descendants—who believe by faith and have it credited as righteousness by God) and also told him that while they will go through hell and be in bondage and know for certain that afterwards they will come out with great possessions and take possession of the land the Lord has given them through the covenant He made with Abram. God will punish every one who mistreated you. Every demon that attacked God’s people will see us as we take our possessions and they will be ashamed, deprived of all their power. The will lick dust like a snake, just as in Genesis, where God cursed the serpent by making the serpent crawl on his belly and eat dust all the days of his life.

Yes, the Man of God will shepherd God’s people—through his fruitful vineyard that is planted on fertile soil. Demons will be scared of us, because they will know that God’s anointing is on this ministry. And as we trust in the Lord; pay attention to His instructions; and listen carefully to the wise Man of God--as he shepherds us, the chains will come off our wrists and we will be able to walk in our Blessing-- US—the House of Israel and the House of Aaron who fear the Lord —for God will make us and our descendants increase.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

7 Key Steps to Receive the Blessing of God

God is giving us specific instructions on how to receive the blessing. To receive the blessing it is key that we do the following 7 Key steps .

1. You Must Always Reverence God
Reverence will save your life. If you serve God wholeheartedly and reverence Him, and the servants sent by Him, you have nothing to fear! He rescues and saves. Get an insurance policy with God and reverence Him.
2. You Must Always Fear God
Do not be afraid, God has come to test you, so the fear of the Lord will be with you to keep you from sinning. If you don’t fear God, then you make yourself a god, and you will pay the penalty.
3. Obey God
You will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord God. “ You were running a good race, but who cut in on you? What came in and persuaded you to go their way and stopped the blessing on your life?
4. Commit to The Lord
Commit your spirit and your way to The Lord. Commit to the Lord whatever you do and all your plans will succeed. See God in every situation and commit to doing what the Bible tells you to do. The meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace from Jesus who is the Prince of peace. Every morning commit your day to The Lord. The Lord works out everything for His own ends.
Then, In just a little while, the enemy will be defeated by the power of God. They will be no more.
5. Stand Firm in God
Stand Firm in God (If God says it, it is a done deal. When the storms come, tell the storm who your God is and what He said for you to do.) Only the strong Christian will stand after the “second stand firm. You will not have to fight this battle. Stand firm and watch the deliverance of the Lord. Be confident that you can slap satan into another zone with the Word of God.
6. Stay Steadfast In God
Don’t be shaken by demons. Stay wholeheartedly, unwavering, unshakeable, faithful, and loyal to God. We are sinners and we need to shift back to God. Say to God “Create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Grant me a willing spirit to sustain me”.
Walk in the Love of God
God IS Love! This is by far the greatest step. Without love, we are nothing and we have nothing. Three things remain: Faith, hope and love and the greatest of all is love!
The Man of God brought us The Blessing by teaching us these 7 Key steps. The Blessing brings wealth and adds no trouble to it. In a little while (by the end of the service) God blessed us and told us to return home with our great wealth—described in detail-- and share it with our brothers.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Shadow that Heals, Delivers and Sets Free

The atmosphere in this ministry is no longer the same. The Man of God is in a new place, a new dimension where everywhere he places his feet, God’s power goes with him. God called the Man of God to prepare this church to live the same pattern as him and for him to teach us a new covenant, where we think like God; we know that we are God’s people; where God Himself teaches us His laws; where we are fully obedient; and change our dirty clothes for white robes in order to walk in this new place and be in this new dimension. In doing this we will serve in this sanctuary what is a copy and shadow of what is in Heaven-- for such a time as this --where we would be in one accord and seeking the anointing that is on the Man of God—so that something amazing would break out in the church in a matter of seconds (we are in the last days).

It is a time that, before we call, it is already done; the Man of God is called a “holy” people, the redeemed of the world and called “Sought After”. He will spring up as the root of Jesse. God appointed him as a king who sits on a throne worshipping God, and giving glory to God, and while he is doing this, 24 elders are circling around him. God made his horn grow; made him a light as He set a lamp for this anointed one. He is the Shadow (where he goes, God goes) that heals, delivers and sets free. The crown on the king’s head is a mark of victory and honor because he is a victor and because he wears God’s Word. What he sees in the dark, he reveals it in the light. The Shadow of God is lighting people all over. This is the new dimension that the Man of God sits in.

What we need to do is to allow the king to come into our houses, open up the door, so he can step up into our house with the power of God so he can serve satan notice and demolish the demons in our lives. A king will be like a shelter to us from the wind and the storms and will set us free. The man/woman who opens the door to the king and dwells in the shelter of The Most High will rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. So, when we connect to the Man of God, who has God dwelling in him—we know that we trust him/God who dwells in him, because then we know that we are dwelling in the shelter and will have rest, peace and prosperity.

Whenever the king (The Man of God) invokes a blessing in the land, and does so by the God of Truth, we win! Along our journey, demons will tell us we have been accursed. But that is not what God says. He says we are his people, and we are blessed. No-one can change what God has blessed. It is NOW that God favors what we do. We have to make a conscious decision to always be obedient and to be clothed in white and to anoint our heads with oil. As we open up the gates and let the king come in, we will be where the king dwells and he will be our shelter—no man has power over the Wind. It is where God walks among us every day and where we can rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. This place, this dimension is such an awesome, wonderful, beautiful place!